ARTAS is the Robotic Surgical Hair Transplantation System. It is the first and only Robotic machine which is USFDA approved. It has computerized algorithm to pick best grafts (Anagen grafts) with minimum transaction rate. This device masters in harvesting the grafts very precisely and accurately to utilize the maximum donor area in minimum time frame. It uses the double punch technique where it only cuts the outer layer of skin (Epidermis) and inner blunt punch harvest the grafts so there is less damage to the inner skin (Dermis). This process will heal the skin very naturally and very fast re-growth in the donor area without any visible scarring. Hair science is the only centre in India to have ARTAS machine and ARTAS trained doctors.

The cost depends on a particular situation and the quantity of hair loss you are experiencing. During your free counseling process with Dr. Anjali Shere, she will estimate the grafts that will be needed, which will determine the cost.

It depends on the amount of an area that you want to treat. If the procedure is of small or medium size (around 2000 grafts) then it will take a full day. But if the procedure size is large then it will need to be performed over two consecutive days.

The recovery period after the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant surgery is short compare to other existing hair restoration surgeries. As in this surgery there are no cuts or stitches involved and can get back to their everyday activity within 48 hours.

No, you will not experience pain during the ARTAS procedure. Before the procedure starts the surgeon will apply a local anesthesia, which may cause some discomfort. But once the scalp is numbed, the entire procedure will be pain-free.

Yes, an antibiotic dressing will be worn for the first night so that your donor area is protected. And to cover the grafted area, you can wear a sterile cap right after the surgery.

The results will be absolutely permanent and more natural. Donor area has minimum or no scarring.

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