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A hair transplant is more affordable now than ever before. After a detailed evaluation of your hair loss and a discussion of your expectations, we will be able to offer you a realistic estimate of the time and costs necessary to achieve your desired objective or goal. The surgery costs, in the case of many hair transplant surgeons, can often be very confusing. Some surgeons charge per graft, others per hair and still others for the complete surgery. You should always carefully consider whether the amount of balding area you would like covered, as well as the hair density desired can be met by your personal budget. Our patients at the Hair Science assure us that the results leave nothing to be desired, and that the money paid is the best investment they have ever made. A hair transplant is only successful if the patient is satisfied. Although the cost should be carefully considered, it shouldn’t be the only factor taken into account. In contrast to other hair loss treatments, the cost of each surgical procedure is one single expense. We adopt a procedure and price that is in accordance with the circumstances and budget of each person. Hair Science can advise you of the best financial plan to suit your personal needs.

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