gtag('event', 'conversion', { 'send_to': 'AW-752744018/xubvCJr5wZoBENLs9-YC', 'value': 10.0, 'currency': 'INR' }); Does Hair Transplant affect other remaining hair? | Hair Science Robotic Hair Transplant

No, When we perform hair transplant surgery, we transplant into an area that is either bald or has some existing hair. The hair that is existing is undergoing a process called miniaturization. What this means is that the hairs are continuing to decrease in size – both in diameter and in length. When we perform a hair transplant, we don’t transplant around the existing miniaturized hair on your scalp, we transplant through it. And the reason why we do that is because the miniaturized hair, the fine hair that is being affected by DHT, is eventually going to disappear, so you don’t want there to be any gaps.

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