What is Hair Transplant Surgery ?

Hair Transplant is a technique that removes the hair follicles from the donor’s site and is transplanted to a bald area or the balding part which is known as a recipient site. This procedure is mainly performed to treat male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss.At a counseling session, the surgeon analyzes the client’s scalp, discusses with them about their preferences and expectations, and advice them accordingly on the best approach.

Individual grafts of Hair are removed one by one with help of Robotic machines so that there is no cut, no stitches from the donor area.
Safe donor area is the long portion of head between two ears from behind where hair doesn’t have alpha receptors so DHT cannot act on these hairs!
The grafts are preserved in preservative medium and recipient site is prepared to insert individual grafts.
Grafts usually consist of one, two, three or four hairs, in their natural grouping.
According to the degree of thinning or balding of a person’s hair the number of grafts is calculated.

As the hairs are removed in their natural groupings the results of hair transplantation is completely natural and undetectable.
At Hair Science Doctors use their best artistic surgical skills to implant grafts in natural lie and angle. For example for Hair line we give 20-30 degree angle for mid portion 40-50 degree angle and for crown we use various angles and degrees to create whirlpool pattern to give natural appearance.

We ensure patient’s comfort and higher graft survival by preserving grafts in biological preservative medium and implanting all grafts in 6 hours time!
At the end of the procedure Dr.Anjali Shere rechecks all grafts for their direction, depth and angles. We ensure that patient is fully satisfied with the treatment and results.

After care is our USP… We monitor patients regularly for 1 year till the desired results are achieved.